Our responsibilities to people and the planet channel ‘Prioritized Sustainability’ to achieve balanced growth for us all. We serve the greater good before anything else.

Prioritized Sustainability for a Better World

Conducting responsible business in today’s world means impacting more than just the bottom line. At House of Habib, our group companies practice Prioritized Sustainability which means working together towards a better world for all the lives we impact and beyond.


In line with our goals, a group wide policy is in effect which ensures that every company under the House of Habib name contributes 1% of its earnings before tax to benefit our environment, people and communities. These charitable contributions are made with the belief that together we can do our part to uplift underprivileged segments of society and empower our countrymen for the collective good of humanity.


Education, health, environment and philanthropy are just some of the key development areas representing the Companies’ outreach and commitment to improving quality of life for people in Pakistan. Each year our contributions grow and as our scope widens, we remain committed to creating a sustainable world for future generations.


Our responsibilities to people and the planet channel ‘Prioritized Sustainability’ to achieve balanced growth for us all. We serve the greater good before anything else


  • Road Safety Workshops

    University students of NED were provided Road Safety Workshops sponsored by IMC


    AVT assisted in the establishment of a CAD LAB and helped fund training of teachers & students at PAK SWISS

  • Govt. Girls High School

    Agriautos made donations and lent support to the Govt. Girls High School in Hub district

  • Toyota Goth Education Program

    Indus Motor Company (IMC) aims to raise literacy levels in areas surrounding its plant through the Toyota Goth Education Program

  • The Citizens Foundation (TCF)

    IMC and Thal made significant contributions to The Citizens Foundation (TCF) which aims to provide quality education to the underprivileged youth of the nation

  • Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences

    Thal partnered with Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences Trust and funded educational initiatives which aid students entering the medical profession

  • The Garage School

    IMC made generous donations to The Garage School so that young learners get the opportunities they deserve

  • Al-Umeed Rehabilitation Center

    Agriautos supported the Al-Umeed Rehabilitation Center which provides an educational platform and work opportunities to people with disabilities

  • Deaf Project

    IMC aided Deaf Project’s Family Educational Services Foundation so that people with impaired speech and hearing can benefit from tailored learning opportunities and employment programs


  • Patients Aid Foundation

    House of Habib and its subsidiaries contributed towards free healthcare facilities provided by the Patients Aid Foundation

  • LRBT

    AgriAutos contributed to LRBT which provides free eye care in major cities and smaller districts of Pakistan

  • Hussaini Blood Bank

    Thal Engineering (TE) conducted a blood donation drive in collaboration with Hussaini Blood Bank

  • Indus Hospital

    In 2018, Indus Motor Company (IMC) made generous contributions to Indus Hospital which provides free of cost quality healthcare to underprivileged segments of society

  • Dar ul Sukun

    The centre for children with special needs, Dar ul Sukun received funds from Thal so that these young minds can be integrated into society as healthy, happy and empowered individuals

  • SIUT

    Agriautos and Thal both sought to support SIUT this past year with aims to provide free medical assistance to millions of people of Pakistan a year

  • Jinnah Hospital

    The not-for-profit Jinnah Hospital Patient’s Aid Foundation provided free consultations and medical treatment to the spectrum of society with generous support from IMC

  • Norther Areas Eyes Hospital

    Thal Jute facilitated treatment of people afflicted with eye problems at the Norther Areas Eyes Hospital by pledging its support

  • AURA

    AVT donated 3 Mechanical Hoists to AURA (Al Umeed Rehabilitation Association for Cerebral Palsy)


  • Karachi Beach

    IMC carried out clean drives at Karachi beach

  • WWF Pakistan

    Multiple businesses contribute to WWF Pakistan in its Environmental recovery programs

  • One Million Trees

    In 2018, IMC pledged to plant 1 Million Trees around Karachi over a period of few years

  • I Am Karachi

    I Am Karachi and CMC joined hands with IMC to work towards the rehabilitation of Pakistan’s largest metropolis in 2018

  • Tree Plantation Drive

    IMC supported WWF Pakistan’s Tree plantation drive last year

  • Mohmand Dam Fund

    IMC contributed to the Mohmand Dam Fund

  • United Nations Global Compact

    HOH group businesses contribute annually to the United Nations Global Compact which aims to support nations working towards sustainable development goals

  • Clean Drive

    IMC employees gave their time and resources to a Clean Drive at National stadium post the recent cricket matches held in Karachi

  • Tree Plantation

    Tree Plantations across the nation are being funded and facilitated by Pakistan Papersack Division, Thal Jute and Indus Motor Company


  • Dawood Foundation

    House of Habib partnered with The Dawood Foundation to bring a Science Exhibition to the public

  • Natural Calamities and Disaster Relief

    Each HOH business stepped forward when the country needed it most. Contributions to Natural Calamities and Disaster Relief continues to be a top priority for us.

  • Markhor Youth Conference

    House of Habib sponsored students participating in the Markhor Youth Conference

  • Livelihood Essentials

    Agriautos continues to help where needed by providing livelihood essentials to widows

  • Karachi Music Festival

    House of Habib’s subsidiary, Thal supported arts, crafts and culture by sponsoring the I am Karachi Music Festival in 2018

  • National Academy of Performing Arts

    Indus Motor Company (IMC) made a generous contribution to the National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA)

  • Pink Ribbon

    Thal did its part to help detect and eliminate cancer by supporting the Pink Ribbon initiative

  • Thar Foundation

    IMC and Thal made donations to Thar Foundation, a non-profit organization working for the empowerment of Thari’s in Sindh

  • Milestone Charitable Trust

    HMPL supported the Milestone Charitable Trust by making significant contributions this past year

Habib Public School

Habib Public School is the realization of a dream. Mr. Muhammad Ali Habib, a Banker, Philanthropist and a Planner, realized the need for a good quality school in Karachi, managed by the Muslim community that could provide quality education to all without discrimination. The School started on 7th July 1959 (11th Zilqad) with four blocks of buildings, named, Ahmed House, Ghulam Ali House, Dawood House, and Sharif House. The first administrator of the School was late Mr. Yousuf Qasim, who supervised the construction work as well as carried out admissions and appointment of staff.
On the first day only three admissions were received. However within one year there were no seats available. This was in spite of the fact that the premises were considered isolated and marshy. There was no public transport facility in this area. Some children used to walk from places as far as Saddar or Cantt Station. In the formative years the school established credentials in academics and sports; in fact the pioneers always believed that the two facet of learning are closely interwoven, what is taught as values in classrooms is demonstrated aptly in the play fields. Together the experience leaves indelible imprints on the minds and behaviour of students who carry the learning into their practical life and benefit the society.
By 1963, in a short period of four years, the School had become one of the high-profile schools of Karachi. The School became well known throughout the country and also internationally. The school became the leading school of the city and the elite of the city turned for admission of their children.
Land was reclaimed from the sea and, over a period of 15 years, facilities were added for a second hockey field, a swimming pool, an auditorium, Physics and Chemistry labs and Secondary and Cambridge classrooms.
The school has been a full day school from its start, emphasizing on whole-child development and not only classroom learning. The school also provided fee concessions, stationery and uniforms to the needy students so that it should not become a school for the rich only. At present the fee concession exceeds Rs.5 million annually. The Cambridge System of Education was also introduced in 1980.

  • Wall Painting

    Wall Painting

  • Taekwondo Classes

    Taekwondo Classes

  • Sports Day Winners

    Sports Day Winners

  • Habiban Athletes

    Habiban Athletes

  • Classroom Presentation

    Classroom Presentation

  • Basketball Match

    Basketball Match

  • 14th August Friendly Match

    14th August Friendly Match

  • Habib Public School

    Habib Public School

Habib University

Habib University was founded in 2014 based on the realization that to improve Pakistan’s standing in terms of human development required immediate action to be taken to address the intellectual and access challenges faced by higher education in Pakistan.
The Habib Family, with its long tradition of supporting philanthropic causes, stepped forward to provide the impetus required to bring about this transformative change by giving the largest-ever donation to an educational institution in the country.
Habib University is Pakistan’s first not-for-profit liberal arts and sciences university which offers a transformative academic experience based on an interdisciplinary curriculum that is contextualized, locally grounded and globally engaged, in order to produce graduates that are active citizens, constructive thinks and are able to engineer indigenous solutions.
The University is able to do this through its two schools – the School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and the Dhanani School of Science Engineering – and the six degree programs on offer. Additionally the University offers a range of minors to provide its graduates the breadth and depth of knowledge required to succeed in a continuously evolving world.
A needs-blind admission policy ensures that the only qualifier for admission is merit. Habib University is one of the most generous private universities in the world awarding scholarships and financial aid to almost 90% of is students. The University’s Talent Outreach Promotion and Support Program (HU TOPS) provides 100% scholarships for the four-year undergraduate program to outstanding students from local educational boards from compromised socio-economic backgrounds.

  • Habib University

    Habib University

  • Habib University

    Habib University

  • Habib University

    Habib University

  • Habib University

    Habib University