Ali Suleman Habib Engineering Excellence Award

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Ali Suleman Habib Engineering Excellence Award


“The Ali Suleman Habib Engineering Excellence Award in conjunction with The Institution of Engineers, Pakistan recognize those that have excelled in the field of engineering and resultantly made outstanding contributions to society and the nation at large.

This Award honors the spirit of late Chairman Mr. Ali Suleman Habib who was a talented engineer himself and also spearheaded numerous engineering companies under House of Habib. His legacy will inspire many younger Pakistani Engineers to dedicate themselves to work hard in order to excel in all areas of their lives.

House of Habib believes that by recognizing aspirational young professionals, we can inspire and uplift them to make a difference and be successful in their country & communities at large because it is only those nations who revere their meritorious citizens can make headway and prosper.

The Ali Suleman Habib Engineering Excellence Award will redefine the standards for excellence by honoring the country's finest engineering talent. The prestigious award will earn victors prize money of 1MN Rupees.”


The Institution of Engineers, Pakistan (IEP) was founded with the blessing of the Father of the Nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, in 1948 with its Headquarters at Dhaka. In 1972 the Headquarters was shifted to Lahore.

IEP is the largest body of professional Engineers in Pakistan and provides a forum for the professional development of Engineers through a wide range of activities and programs. The Institution plays an important role for the dissemination of knowledge amongst the fellow Engineers and in the development of Engineering and Science in the country.

The IEP has bilateral relations with 39 professional societies and institutions abroad. It represents Pakistan in the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO), Federation of Engineering Institutions of South and Central Asia (FEISCA) as well as Federation of Engineering Institutions of Islamic Countries (FEIIC), the Commonwealth Engineers Council (CEC) UK, American Association for Advancement of Science (AAAS) and Consortium of Affiliates for International Program (CAIP).

IEP aims to create, develop and enhance the technical knowledge of professionals which is directly integrated with social requirements. The Institution has been taking concerted efforts to upgrade the professional and technical knowledge of its member Engineers by undertaking various technical activities. IEP has conducted studies on various national issues and technical problems and has submitted its recommendations to the Government.


Submission of applications for those who meet the eligibility criteria mentioned below:

A Pakistani national graduated from an HEC recognized educational institute/ university

By special request, Engineers from Mechanical, Automotive, Mechatronics, Chemical, Electrical, Civil, and Electronics Discipline are also eligible to participate

Nominations shall be made through respective institutions/ universities / professional bodies/ industries/ technical organizations (legal entity) or group of eminent engineers satisfying the eligibility criteria

An independent application can also be submitted from an individual or a team of not more than 5 engineers

Minimum Qualification should be Bachelor’s in Engineering

Maximum age of the applicants should be 55 years


The winning candidate/team will be awarded an amount of Rs. 1 Million and a Gold Medal.

Ali Suleman Habib Engineering Excellence Award


The information below has been provided to help the applicants navigate their way through the process:

  1. All applicants are required to sign up by filling out the Registration Form and submitting a synopsis of 150 words online
  2. The synopsis should include a brief introduction about the project covering its innovative and creative aspects as well as its impact on national life and the economy. The applicants may also discuss the books and/or articles which have been published, any registered Patents or Awards (national or international) received.
  3. The Evaluation Committee will review the synopsis and will revert for further submission of documents.
  4. Upon submission of your application, an automated e-mail will be sent as an acknowledgment.
  5. All synopses will first be vetted by a committee and if they get shortlisted, they will proceed to the second phase.
  6. If any applicant does not qualify for the second phase, they will receive an automated email informing them about the same We will take 2 to 3 months to revert with our final nominee, however if any member of the Jury or Evaluation Committee has any questions with regards to the project, the applicant will be contacted through the relevant body.

Evaluation Committee

The role of the Evaluation Committee will be to evaluate and assess all applications submitted for Ali Suleman Habib Engineering Excellence Award and shortlist those who have made it to the second phase: The esteemed members of the Evaluation Committee are as follows

  • Engr. Muhammad Farooq Arbi

    Engr. Muhammad Farooq Arbi

  • Prof. Dr. Syed Amir Iqbal

    Prof. Dr. Syed Amir Iqbal

  • Syed Umair Ahmed

    Syed Umair Ahmed

  • Engr. Neelofer Hameed Khan

    Engr. Neelofer Hameed Khan

  • Engr. Syed Asim Ali Tirmizi

    Engr. Syed Asim Ali Tirmizi

Jury Members

The Jury Members have been allotted the responsibility to determine the winner(s) of the prestigious Ali Suleman Habib Engineering Excellence Award. After evaluating all the shortlisted candidates, the final decision made by the Jury will be absolute and will not be revisited.

The Jury Members comprises of the following valued members

  • Tariq Ahmed Khan

    Tariq Ahmed Khan

  • Prof. Dr. Mohammad Inayat Ullah Babar

    Prof. Dr. Mohammad Inayat Ullah Babar

  • Engr. Sohail Bashir

    Engr. Sohail Bashir

  • Sohail P. Ahmed

    Sohail P. Ahmed

  • Engr. Asim Murtaza Khan

    Engr. Asim Murtaza Khan

  • Abdul Basit Memon

    Abdul Basit Memon

  • Dr. Saroosh

    Dr. Sarosh Hashmat Lodi

To participate in Ali Suleman Habib Engineering Excellence Award, register yourself and submit your entries before 28th February 2022

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