Habib University

Habib University was founded in 2014 based on the realization that to improve Pakistan’s standing in terms of human development required immediate action to be taken to address the intellectual and access challenges faced by higher education in Pakistan.
The Habib Family, with its long tradition of supporting philanthropic causes, stepped forward to provide the impetus required to bring about this transformative change by giving the largest-ever donation to an educational institution in the country.
Habib University is Pakistan’s first not-for-profit liberal arts and sciences university which offers a transformative academic experience based on an interdisciplinary curriculum that is contextualized, locally grounded and globally engaged, in order to produce graduates that are active citizens, constructive thinks and are able to engineer indigenous solutions.
The University is able to do this through its two schools – the School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and the Dhanani School of Science Engineering – and the six degree programs on offer. Additionally the University offers a range of minors to provide its graduates the breadth and depth of knowledge required to succeed in a continuously evolving world.
A needs-blind admission policy ensures that the only qualifier for admission is merit. Habib University is one of the most generous private universities in the world awarding scholarships and financial aid to almost 90% of is students. The University’s Talent Outreach Promotion and Support Program (HU TOPS) provides 100% scholarships for the four-year undergraduate program to outstanding students from local educational boards from compromised socio-economic backgrounds.